Wartin Pantois lives and works in the Saint-Roch district in Québec City, Canada. He holds a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in sociology from the Université Laval.

Wartin Pantois’ artistic work highlights various human realities. His sensitive, socially committed site-specific interventions stem from social concerns, conversations with citizens and on-site observations. His work pieces take to the public space to give voice to the silenced, to foster reflections and debates.

“We all build ourselves some protection, to avoid feeling or seeing what would otherwise disturb us. It’s like a shell. Sometimes a little incentive is needed for people to open their eyes. Art in the public space can be that incentive. Through my interventions, I try to touch that little piece of humanity that everyone has inside. An unexpected artwork can be a useful intermediary. I think that the surprise of seeing an unexpected artwork at the corner of a street can possibly outplay the shell.” (free translation of an excerpt of Québec Hebdo newspaper’s interview with Wartin Pantois in October 2016).

Using black and white in contrast with the colour-saturated advertisments, Wartin Pantois includes gold leaf in some of his works to question the value given to people and things. The locations of his works are carefully chosen. The places give meaning to his images and, reciprocally, his images give meaning to the places.

Wartin Pantois is a citizen involved in his community, a street artist, a painter and a photographer. He has also produced many musical projects. His artistic interventions have been covered by the local and national media.


Collage sur bois, événement Turbulences sociales du Regroupement d’éducation populaire en action communautaire - RÉPAC 03-12, Québec, Canada, 2019

Photographie de Ensemble - collage sur mur, exposition permanente Inspirer, Assemblée nationale du Québec, Hôtel du Parlement, Québec, Canada, à partir du 1er juin 2019

Installation artistique, ready-made, tente, feuille d'or, dispositif audio et éclairage, Cuisine ta ville - ATSA Quand l'art passe à l'action, Place des festivals, Montréal, Canada, 9 au 12 mai 2019

Ready-made, boite de conserve, feuille d'or, ombre et présentoir du commerce, 30 x 30 x 31 cm, Événement Encann, Regart, centre d'artistes en art actuel, 2019

Collage sur mur, photographies noir et blanc sur papier et feuilles d’or, Théâtre La Bordée, Québec, Canada, 2019

Art furtif, autocollants, codes QR et capsules audio, Manif d’art 9 – La biennale de Québec, Québec, Canada. 2019

Installation artistique, impressions numériques, peinture sur mur, objets inflammables, feuille d’or et dispositif audio, Centre des arts actuels Skol, Montréal, Canada, 28 février au 6 avril 2019
Des personnages, portant leur cadre de valorisation individuelle, s’aveuglent du monde et des changements possibles. Devant eux se trouvent des objets inaccessibles pouvant servir d’alternative ou d’accélérateur à l’incendie annoncé. Tout près, en guise de fenêtre sur le monde, des images détournées du film La société du spectacle de Guy Debord. Le temps passe. Le brasier nous brûle de l’intérieur…

Artistic installationphotographic projection on building, Nantes, France, 2018

Artistic installation, ready-madetents, lighting and audio device, Square Méliès, Nantes, France, 2018

Artistic installation, ready-made, illuminated sign on abandoned building, Québec city, Canada, 2018

In Québec City, as anywhere in the world, real estate speculators are squatting in our neighbourhoods with complete impunity. Some of these bad corporate citizens are playing Monopoly with our quality of life. The building targeted by this intervention has been neglected and crumbling for over 10 years.

Collage on wall, black & white pictures on paper and gold leaves, Regart contemporary art artist-run centre, Lévis, Canada, 2018

Hypermodern societies are characterized by constant change, uncertainty, mobility, adaptability, and individual competitiveness. Defined in terms of layers and social groups, class warfare in industrial societies has turned into a struggle for individual positions. The cult of personal performance, percolating from the world of work and employment, has become the main rationale in all fields: education, family, relationships, leisure, etc. Welcome to The Loser Factory!

Two scenes in a dialogue form the piece. The first one features humans scheming in all kinds of ways to oust competitors. They are ready to crush each other to rise to the top. The second scene features broken, critical, solidary characters. As there are always losers in a competition, mutual aid and cooperation seem essential to face today’s world.

This artistic installation was created as part of artist-run centre Regart’s 2018 programming, and with its support. Accompanying the installation, Jean-François Duke offered a contemporary dance performance at the unveiling on July 6, 2018.

Artistic installation, ready-made enhanced with gold leaf, with sound apparatus broadcasting excerpts of populist radio shows, as part of the Université populaire de Québec event held by the Centre de recherche Cultures Arts Sociétés (CELAT), at place de l’Université-du-Québec, Québec City, Canada, 2018

The living together in Québec City is undermined by intolerant comments on the populist radio. Let’s put these words back where they belong!

Artistic installation, collage on pavement and plaster bar with gold leaf, Québec City, Canada, 2018

For the G7 Summit in Canada, a select group of generic policymakers are crawling in circles around the wealth of the world...


Collage on wall, as part of the Post- event by Folie/Culture, Québec City, Canada, 2018

"In a nearby future. Following the great normalization. The Squaring has only one purpose for us, there is no alternative. Wild children tamed. Poetry crossed out. Angles straightened. Creativity diverted to serve the well-delineated line we must follow, never cross. No tolerance for divergence. The era of silence has taken over. Everything is “finally” objectified, secured, framed…

The deadly forces of the Squaring are powerful, but human beings have not said their last word. Let’s not picture ourselves there just yet- not too much, just enough to fight the one single line. Let’s show our difference, let’s value experimentation, encounters, and the hope of stepping out of the frame!

Squaring / Stepping out of the Frame reflects on our occidental societies’ so-called operational modes of organization that are based on efficiency and measurability instead of the meaning given to practices and to their legitimacy. Those normative frames often feel dehumanizing for the social actors, reducing them to cogs in a machine that is running on empty. This nonsense triggers human sensitivity.

This artistic intervention has given me an opportunity to meet with Steve, Étienne, and Luce from l’Appel pour un collectif mobilisé. They put some human back into a particular operational frame, the one of social intervention in Québec. You can hear them here (in French): https://wartinpantois.bandcamp.com/

Collage on walls, Saint-Jean-Baptiste district, Québec City, Canada, 2018

LGBT+ people around the world still have to fight for their right to live and love. Let’s promote a "right to love" for each and everyone. Let’s show the world the beauty of love in all its diversity. 

This artistic intervention was carried out for the 2018 International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia, with the support of the Alliance Arc-en-ciel de Québec.

Thanks to Caroline and Ruth, Marie-Ève and Raf, Keven and Guillaume, who agreed to be part of the project. A short audio clip of our meeting was produced. Hear them out here (in French): https://wartinpantois.bandcamp.com/

Painting on marouflaged paper on wall, Québec City, Canada, 2018

The work is a reminder of the citizen protests against conscription that happened in Québec City during World War I. From March 28 to April 1, 1918, thousands of people took part in riots against compulsory military enlistment. During violent clashes against the Canadian Army, four people lost their lives. Against the war, they braved death.

“I painted the characters in fast, somewhat agitated sketching gestures, as to put myself in the state of mind of reactive, combative rioters. I used white paint on black paper to give the characters a ghostly appearance, as if history had to come back to haunt those who would rather forget it!” - Wartin Pantois

This project was carried out in collaboration with a collective of historians, La Lanterne. A website was created to highlight and emphasize the events of 1918: www.Quebec1918.com 

Collage on wall, Saint-Roch district, Québec City, Canada, 2017

A work dedicated to the Centre multiethnique de Québec, its volunteers and its staff members who, every day, help newcomers settle better in Québec City.

This collage represents Quebecers from different origins who have been scarred by life but whose full value shine through. Black silhouettes in the scene evoke those who work in the shadows so that we can live better, together.

Site-specific installation, painting on marouflaged paper on walls, SPEMAFA - VEB Spezialmaschinenfabrik abandoned plant, Chemnitz, Germany, 2017. 

The SPEMAFA food-processing machinery plant is located in Chemnitz, at the industrial heart of the ex-German Democratic Republic, the East Germany. This plant was closed in 1933, a few years after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, leaving the workers jobless.

The installation Labourers features three scenes with human-scale workers painted on paper. Their bodies are identical. They have been chain painted, through alienating work broken up in steps, evoking the divided labour in plants. The body is the instrument of a production that has no interest in the singularity of individuals. The workers’ faces are all different. They evoke each person’s life and history, their roots and family.

This work has been produced as part of the international IBUg Festival of Urban Art. 

En avant! Moving along!
Unity makes strength among workers. The face of the central character in the scene is drawn from the painting "L’Internationale" by German painter Otto Griebel (1895-1972).

Mémorial / Memorial
When the plant stopped, when they were sacrificed by machines, their hope, like a flame, was revived.

Seul / Alone
Alone outside of an abandoned plant stands a labourer.

Collages on walls, Lisbon, Portugal, 2017

Several compliant, resigned characters walk in line wearing masks with large fake smiles. A man lets go of his clown-like expression. He breaks away from deception by choosing his own path. He bares the enhanced face of Jorge Molder. Jorge Molder is a major Portuguese photographer who raises fertile identity questions. Other masks were seen abandoned in the city...

Site-specific installation, collages on walls, Córtex Frontal, Arraiolos, Portugal, 2017

Collage on wall, Grande place, Arraiolos, Portugal, 2017

Like self-staged representations and constructions of identities, the masks of our digital lives reveal us as flamboyant ghosts…

Nomadic artistic installation, Montréal and Québec City, Canada, 2017

From the student protests for free education to the “pots and pans” solidarity movement, the 2012 “Maple Spring” has left its mark on the Québécois collectivity. Five years later, I wondered what remained alive in the citizens’ memory. 

I created a nomadic artistic installation featuring protest walkers and policemen, and then I moved it around town in Montréal and Québec City, to revive the passersby’s impressions and collect their comments.

Twenty-five people shared their impressions and reflections during this project. Interviews were conducted as the installation sporadically deployed in the public space, between May 19 and June 9, 2017. I thank each of them. 

The audio recording of Printemps mémoire is available for free streaming and download at https://wartinpantois.bandcamp.com/ 

Collages on walls, Saint-Roch district, Québec City, Canada, 2017

An artistic intervention about the importance of providing health services to intravenous drug users. A supervised injection service (SIS) in the Saint-Roch district would translate into better health and safety for all citizens.

A SIS reduces needle-sharing as well as the transmission of HIV and other serious diseases. It increases access to addiction treatment, lowers overdose-related deaths, public-space injection, and the risk of finding dirty needles. 

This project was created with the participation of intravenous drug users and social workers who agreed to be photographed for the cause. Thanks to the Point de repères organization for its precious collaboration. 

Collages on walls, Le Cercle-Lab vivant, Québec City, Canada, 2017

Installation inspired by the Cercle-Lab vivant’s working themes: the feminine, the First Nations, northernness, and disquieting strangeness. The installation recalls the life path of a Native woman, from birth and the dependence upon others, through the horizons of childhood as well as the inner and social struggles, up to the last breath and a look at the past.

Entirely made from photographs of the public domain found on the Internet, this intervention also offers a reflection on the representation of women and Natives in the global digital imagery. 

This installation was carried out during a research-creation residency at Le Cercle-Lab vivant, a space for co-creation and cultural democratization.

Sans-abri / HOMELESS
Collages on walls, Place de l’Université-du-Québec, Québec City, Canada, 2016

This artistic intervention is an invitation to the Nuit des sans-abri and a call for solidarity. The Nuit des sans-abri is an event designed to raise awareness about poverty, social disaffiliation and homelessness. The intervention also reflects on the value of homeless people in our eyes. It features images of urban sleepers and sleeping bags scattered across the place de l’Université-du-Québec. The collage is made of digital prints enhanced with gold leaf.

Expulsés / EVICTED
Collages on door, Saint-Roch district, Québec City, Canada, 2016

An artistic intervention on Christophe-Colomb Street East, in the Saint-Roch district in Québec City. Low-income citizens were evicted from their apartment a few years ago for a controversial real estate project that did not materialize. As in a quote, a remake, artist Ernest Pignon Ernest’s characters representing his own parents evicted from their Nice apartment (“Expulsions”, Paris, 1978).

“Wartin Pantois, a Québec City artist with a name but without a face, gives voice to the voiceless. Here we have (at least) two appropriations: on the one hand, a cause (those evicted from their home/gentrification put into question/an absurd situation) and at the same time, the transfer of the work of a senior artist. It is done tactfully, without distortion.“ (free translation of a comment by independent curator and artist Emmanuel Galland, about the intervention Expulsés).

Frappe la mort / HIT THE DEAD
Spray paint on concrete, Saint-Roch district, Québec City, Canada, 2016

This artistic intervention has been created from Accès transports viables’ interactive map of road accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists from 2005 to 2014. The sites of fatal accidents in the Saint-Roch district have been marked with white outlines on the ground.

L’inhibition du monolithe / INHIBITION OF THE MONOLITH
Wood, industrial tarp, polypropylene rope and polyethylene film, Îlot Fleurie, Québec City, Canada, 2016

“L’inhibition du monolithe” is the result of a reflection on creative inhibition. It is a very personal work that quietly presents itself in the public space.

The sculpture is covered in an industrial tarp and a polyethylene film, which respectively represent the inhibited artistic inspiration and the held back expression of the creative idea. This art piece will never be unveiled.

I carried “L’inhibition du monolithe” on my back, like a burden, in a sort of silent solitary procession, all the way to the bucolic ruin of the Îlot Fleurie, where I left it. I hope it will be taken apart by homeless people of Saint-Roch and used as material for shelter.

To each his second life.

Hommage à Jean Pierre Raynaud
Spray paint on walls, Petit-Champlain and Saint-Roch districts, Québec City, Canada, 2015

The reappearance of “Dialogue avec l’histoire” as multiple short-lived copies in the public space is an answer to the destruction of Jean Pierre Raynaud’s sculpture. The Ville de Québec had neglected the maintenance of artist Jean-Pierre Raynaud’s sculpture “Dialogue avec l'histoire” that had been located at place de Paris since 1984. On June 17, 2015, it was taken apart without regard for the intellectual property and without the artist’s consent.

Embellissons notre quartier / EMBELLISH OUR DISTRICT
Collages on abandoned building, Saint-Roch districtQuébec City, Canada, 2014

Many buildings in the Saint-Roch district are empty and closed down. Let’s be aware of that situation and let’s promote better maintenance for these buildings. Let’s give them back some of their grace.


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